Mr Shaun Rana is the Deputy Managing Director of Union Group. With an extensive family history of entrepreneurship , Mr Rana brings a young and energetic drive imbued with a passion to excel and amulet his ancestor's already monumental achievement. He has not restricted himself in the following of the footsteps that was laid but is bent on trying something new and is not constrained by his seemingly young age.

Mr Rana's learning from top business schools, both at home and abroad, has given him an edge to move forward and think beyond what traditional entrepreneur would do. With his innate dynamism, he already have began affecting positive changes in the business units he is directing and paving his future to be one of the role models for younger generations to follow. He is a graduate of the famous CASS Business School, London.

He has been the driving force behind the Rana Shafiullah College and Abdul Khaleque Mollah High School that provides high class education for the less fortunate. He has continuously involved himself in directing and overseeing of the student affairs as well as providing mentoring that has been welcomed with positive note.