Information Technology

Given the influence of technology and the ease and efficiency it brings to professional domain Union Group embraced the blessings of technology decades back. The Group's IT Department was established to generate simple reports and build databases whose work arena has increased by leaps and bounds in recent times. From generating multi-formatted reports on a click to tracking attendance, the IT Department is working round the clock to keep pace with the rest of the professional world. For program development, maintenance of systems and connectivity IT Department has a team of highly skilled programmers and network specialists. They already have developed software for trading, manufacturing, POS, Website, HR management, sales tracking etc for all sister concerns. The Group is using their in-house developed trading software for its Mobile business. This is covering import, sales, delivery and stock management. They are also administering their channel partner's sales and stock through the online software from the corporate headquarters. The Department also have successfully developed and implemented ERP for its concerns. Besides, the management of websites, employee attendance and digital security systems implemented by the IT Department has been a great success.

The development team is now developing a complete Garments Manufacturing Software and mobile applications for Mobile Division.