The slogan of Union is delivering the Best. To complement our slogan the mission of UG is to be best in the minds of our customers, associates, employees and stakeholders by creating and following a roadmap understood and accepted by all of our members. And to turn our dreams to reality our vision is to attain sustainable growth with clear and specified purpose. Combined with these values, our present and future have been set to an attainable goal and we are focused on achieving the best that we can achieve.

The strength of Union is in its core management principals. We plan ahead with experienced foresightedness, strive to bring the planning into reality and in the process learn from our achievements and mistakes. We have grown gradually, excelling our own selves year by year. Our competitors are not only outsiders but also our performances of last year which we strive to outdo.

UG is not only a name in itself but also a role model for many to follow. Over the years, through our unified endeavor, we have been successful in becoming what we are. Our philosophy is simple and is well illustrated in our slogan—Delivering the Best. And to fulfill the idea of delivering the best we have policies and procedures in place so that we know what to do and how to perform to the best of our abilities. Our belief on ourselves has been strengthened by our experience, enviable business integrity, strong financial backbone, networks with global brands, country wide distribution channel and above all a will to excel in everything that we have stepped into. Ours is a company that has set its mark in a diverse business domain and this has been possible by a strong management setup and an excellent human resource base whose skills and motivations are the key ingredients to our success.


We have grown over last three decades accumulating experience through a shared vision. Our strength is in our belief that nothing is impossible and in that note it can be summarized as under:

Strength of Experience. Delivering successful business models with the expertise of the industry.

Strong Distribution Network. Connected to all the districts and remote places of the country.

Highest Quality of Services and Products. We have the skill to handle a human resource base of 3,000 talents to produce world class services and products for clients like Wal Mart, Otto, Nokia etc

Strong Financial Backbone. We are a part of US$ 150 million conglomerate.


Union’s CSR activities are aimed at bringing the unprivileged of the society under the umbrella of social protection so as to ease their lived and give them opportunities for future. From building schools to madrasa, from feeding the poor to distribution of winter cloths and free medical treatment, Union’s CSR activities are recognized. As a philanthropic individuals, our Management hierarchy are personally involved in various social activities and self-income generating program for the poor and needy people in the urban slums and the vulnerable womenfolk of metropolitan Dhaka through micro-credit and donation. The Chairman is the founder of Rana Shafiullah College and Abdul Khaleque Mollah High School both providing excellent opportunities for over 1,000 less endowed students of the society, for free. The educational institutions, located in Munshiganj have already been hailed as one of the best in the district. He also has built many mosques, madrasas (with 4-storey building where about 400 students are attending), free Sunday clinics and catered for the need of the poor and needy all his life. Union grows with its employees, stake holders and most importantly the populace of the country. Union feels that a happy nation is a nation without poverty and room and opportunities for growth.